Monday, December 31, 2012

My Favorite Restaurants for 2012!

Here is my list of my top places that I went to go and eat at in 2012! In no particular order just in chronological order!

25 Degrees in Huntington Beach - Best Place for a burger and an "adult" milkshake

Cocoa Lounge - only available near Valentine's Day - all you can eat chocolate!

Game Day Fire-Grilled Hot Dogs - home of some very inventive hot dogs!

Izzy's Bagels - best place for an amazing variety of bagels and cream cheeses!

Chapter One - Best Sunday Brunch - endless mimosas and Sinatra music!

Nadine's Irish mist - my favorite Irish pub!

The Ranch - one of the best high end meals I had all year!

Kula Revolving Sushi Bar - one of the best and affordable!

Poquito Mas - one of my favorite places to eat near The Walt Disney Studio!

Honda-Ya - one of my favorite places for Japanese food!

Portola Coffee Lab - the best cup of coffee in SoCal!

Theorem - the best place to be educated on coffee!

Seventh Tea Bar - soon to be my favorite place for tea!

1 comment:

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