Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Review of Game Day Fire-Grilled Hot Dogs

This is Game Day Fire-Grilled Hot Dogs in Orange!
They took over an old Taco Bell! And they are located across from Johnny' Reb's!
Check out the inside of the place! Filled with sports memorabilia as well as flat-screen TVs!
My friend Brian just got a classic dog with fries! He said it was one of the best hot dogs he had ever had!
By now you guys know how much I love chili cheese fries! Check out the size of this order! They were amazing! The chili was just perfect! Oh and the fork was totally needed for this one!
I went and ordered the Split 44! This was two polish sausage split down the middle, with an egg, cheese, and pastrami! The polish sausage did taste to me more like a hot dog than a polish sausage but maybe that's just me. But there is great balance between all the ingredients!
Doesn't that look amazing? This place has a lot of unique hot dogs on the menu besides your typical classic or chili dogs. They even have Asian inspired hot dogs with ingredients like kimchi! Looks like I have to go back! Happy eating everybody!

Game Day Fire-Grilled Hot Dogs
3009 E. Chapman Ave.

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