Friday, December 14, 2012

The Discovery Science Centers Holiday Blogger Event! 2012!

I was once again invited to The Discovery Science Center's Holiday blogger Event! I looked forward to this event after having such a great time last year! Not only was it a great chance to explore the Indy Exhibit again and the rest of the center but I love the annual gingerbread contest!
Here is the agenda for the evening!
And here is the list of the winners of the various categories!
And off to check out the gingerbread entries this year! This is the set of ABC's Wipeout!
An awesome Christmas tepee!
I love this Christmas village!
 Love this tribute to the 100th Anniversary of the Girl Scouts of America!
 Love this carousel!
 I would have made this if I were a kid! I still love dinosaurs and wanted to be a paleontologist when I grew up!
 My Little Pony has it's own castle!
World of Color! Sorry for the shaky image but I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this! Just can't get away from Disney! Hahahahaha!
And with the Indy exhibit here you know there had to be some Indy themed ones! This is the attraction at Disneyland!

 Santa saves Indy!

 Love this train!
 This house is really cute!
 Well of the Souls from Raiders of The Lost Ark!
 Sugar Rush from Wreck-It Ralph!
 As a huge penguin fan I love this one!
 How cool is this one for the Orange County Children's Book Festival?
 Just beautiful!
The Discovery Science Center invited Make-A-Wish families to come and make gingerbread houses!
Here are the beautiful results!
Of course holiday treats were out in full force!
 These cupcakes look so good! And they were!
 Yummy donuts! Mmm donuts!
  This was the cookie decorating room!
There was a tree and huge fire!
Busy decorating my cookie!
 My cookie on the left and my friend Rachelle's on the right!
 Then we went to make gingerbread race cars!
 Trying to figure out what I was going to make!
 An idea is formed!
Rachelle's car is on the left and my mini car on the right!
 Time to race! Needless to say Rachelle's car blew mine away! She did a happy dance but there is no video of that lol!
 Off to the Indy exhibit! Look there is Dr. Jones himself! It's my friend Alan dressing up as Indy!
The rain throughout the day kept folks away from the event allowing me great photos of the exhibit!
 Do you see how the display is suppose to look like crates in a warehouse?

Another awesome event by the great people at The Discovery Science Center!

The Science of Gingerbread Exhibit continues until January 6, 2013!
The Indiana Jones Exhibit continues until April 21, 2013!

To learn more check out their web site at:

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