Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Real Pizza Planet Truck!

As many of you know I am a HUGE Disney fan! If there is one part of the company that I truly love it is Pixar! Pixar makes me think that this is the way that The Walt Disney Company was when it was just the Disney Brothers Studio. A place that was small, intimate, where everybody knew each other on a first name basis, and was about to change the way the world viewed things.

I do my best to never pass up an opportunity to do anything Pixar! So, of course I jumped at the chance to meet some of the guys (Marco and Will) who worked for over a year on building an exact replica of the "Toy Story" Pizza Planet Truck!
How exact you say? Well for starters, let's check out the license plate! Yes, it is the same license plate as seen in the movie! The guys were shocked that no one had taken the license plate when they did their search through the California DMV! They figured that someone, a Pixar employee or a Toy Story fan, would have taken it years ago.

More great detail exists inside the truck! Right down to the three eyed alien guys hanging from the rear view mirror!
The team did discover they had an error here on the logo however. It was told to them that it's not pepperoni's on the pizza logo but mushrooms!
Sitting in the driver's seat! I feel the need to go and deliver pizza's in 30 minutes or less!
I actually think it would be cool if they made some fake Pizza Planet pizza boxes! It would make for another great photo op!
Another successful pizza delivery!
Now my beautiful friend Sarah got her chance behind the wheel as well!
Taking a look at the truck in all of it's glory!
Yes, the rocket ship does light up at night!
Checking out the backside of the truck! The famous "YO" is there!
All of the stickers were replicated by a guy they met online in Colorado! They sent him the high res images and he made the stickers for them! Disney could make some money by actually selling a package of these stickers!

I will not drive 55 miles per hour! Those pizzas need to get there in less than 30 minutes!
KRAT Radio! No, not a knock on Disney, but named in reference to Pixar art director Tia Kratter!
Besides the famous "YO" on the back of the truck, check out the dirt! Yes, they actually threw the dirt onto the truck themselves, no cheap painted on dirt here! Marco said they hope to add dirt from all the places they visit! That will be their trademark!
Perhaps my favorite bumper sticker of all!

It was an amazing day with both Marco and Will! I appreciate all of the great stories they shared with me and my friend Sarah! These two guys and their friends created something that brought happiness to them and now they share it literally the world! The best part of the day was watching other people's reactions while we talked near the truck! The sheer joy in people's voices as they recognized the Pizza Planet Truck was just fantastic!

To learn more, check the team out on their site at

They also mentioned that they have no plans to venture out of California...yet...


  1. This is absolutely amazing! I would LOVE to see this in person!!

  2. This is absolutely amazing! I would love to so this in person!!

    Awesome Post!!

  3. the guys behind the truck are awesome!

    i would change a few things though
    1. get a chrome bumper
    2. lift it 2''
    3. love the camper shell but i've seen ones before that look just like it did in toy story
    other than that, very nice!!!
    I'm very tempted to conver my 86 toyota truck but I have it really NICE!!!

  5. To bad it’s the wrong generation of Toyota truck... in toy story 2 when ham holds up the manual it shows the year as a 1978, this truck is 10 years off. Its like building a back to the future time machine out of bricklin. It just does not work.

  6. I want to buy one from someone some day

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