Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Review of The Avengers: The Best Comic Book Movie Ever?

Best Comic Book Movie Ever! It's honestly that simple! Joss Whedon has assembled (I'm sure you will see this word again) the Best Comic Book Movie Ever! Whedon does the impossible, taking a superstar cast, telling an epic story and making sure that no one out shines the other! This is the superhero movie we have all been waiting for! The superhero movie to end all superhero movies! At least until The Avengers 2!
Since 2008, when Iron Man hit the big screen, Marvel has taken us on a journey that would payoff with The Avengers. The superstar cast that has been assembled (there's that word again) does give way to multiple leading roles in “Marvel’s The Avengers,” but like the team dynamic of The Avengers themselves, no one overshadows another. Though Tony Stark’s one-liners bring the house down time and time again!
My favorite character in this movie? The Hulk! You have heard about it and wait until you see the big green guy on screen! Hulk gets the biggest reactions by far! This is also the film where they get the Hulk right! The Hulk's on-screen moments are ones that everyone will remember and will be talking about for months and years to come! The Hulk does what he does best - SMASH!

My favorite scenes? Way too many to discuss. We might as well discuss the entire movie. Where to start? But there were two standout scenes for me. The first is a conversation between Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. It stands out, because to me, this is an unexpected serious conversation of two very different men who each have a "terrible privilege". It's such a different side of Stark that we really haven't seen. Is it possible that Stark is growing up?

The second standout scene to me is the Captain America fanboy that Agent Coulson is. It is so geeky cool that Coulson is a fanboy. The trading cards, it's all about the vintage trading cards.   
The score by Alan Silvestri is top notch. It's every bit as epic as the score Michael Giacchino did for The Incredibles! Alan's score is sweeping and epic as a score for a superhero film should be.
Do you see what I see? Don't worry if you don't see it now! You will see it when you see the movie!
While it does help to have watched all the Marvel films leading up to this one, including their "buttons" at the end of each film, the story is not hard to follow. And with all Marvel films stay until the end. There are two "buttons" to watch though. At the last screening I attended, which was just last night courtesy of the fine folks at the L.A. Times Hero Complex, the second "button" was not included. Apparently it is a post-credit "button".

The Avengers gives every superhero fan exactly what they’ve always dreamed of: superheroes being superheroes to the best of their abilities. This is not only the culmination of a series of excellent films, but one which superhero fans will praise this film for years to come!

“Marvel’s The Avengers” hits United States theaters on Friday, May 4, 2012.


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