Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mad T PArty: Games of the Mad Arcade!

At the Mad Arcade, you may find yourself launching sugar cubes into wobbling tea cups or knocking down the teeth of the smiling Cheshire Cat. You may even take a journey inside the world of Alice in Wonderland at our video game stations featuring Kinect Disneyland Adventures!

Oh, and little Hatters: beware! It’s feeding time and the Bandersnatch is quite hungry. Hurry and fill his tummy with tasty treats.
So, whether you are shooting hoops at the Queens of Hearts’ Royal Court, frantically trying to Paint the Roses Red, or battling against the Jabberwocky and Jub Jub birds, there is so much to do, so many games to play – we think you will go absolutely “Mad” for the Mad Arcade!

Mad T Party begins June 15th only at Disney California Adventure!

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