Tuesday, May 15, 2012

DCA Construction: The Hollywood Pictures Backlot 3/99-10/99

Conceptual art of The Hollywood Pictures Backlot!
Not a lot happening here at the end of 1998. You can still see the old Disneyland marquee to the far left.
Moving a head to March of 1999 and still nothing is happening!
But by May of 1999, the building that would become Superstar Limo and eventually Monsters Inc. is going up!
The Superstar Limo building has really come along now by September of 1999!
The building on the far right is the MuppetVision 3D building. Further back to the right of the building is the Animation Building.

A look at much of the MuppetVision 3D building!
Here is the MuppetVision 3D building just a month later!
The Hollywood Pictures Backlot as of March of 2012!

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