Tuesday, May 8, 2012

'The Avengers' Assemble as USB Flash Drives!

Banding together (to tie in with the recent movie release) are flash drives modeled after; The Hulk (Fist), Captain America (Shield), Thor (Hammer) and Iron Man (Mask). These drives are all only 8GB each for storage but the full set totals 32GB and that should be more than enough for most needs.

The Iron Man flash drive is built tough (duh) like a flash drive should be. The other three models, instead of having sturdy shielded connectors, have only the flip out wafer-type plugs. While usually not a problem, these can be more prone to breakage than the normal style. Just be careful because "Hulk Smash. " happens. Also available from the same manufacturer but not in the Avenger series is the all silver "War Machine" from the Iron Man series. These drives only seem to be currently available in Taiwan, New Zealand and some parts of Asia for now but may slide into the grey market shopping sites soon.


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