Saturday, November 17, 2018

Non-Spoiler Review for Ralph Breaks The Internet - A Worthy Sequel That You Will Want To See Over and Over Again

Ralph Breaks The Internet begins six years after the first one. We find Ralph completely content with his life, while Vanellope has grown bored with her game and yearns for more. Ralph has great intentions to help his friend but disaster strikes and her game is taken down due to a broken part. This is where the internet comes into play as both Ralph and Vanellope try to find a replacement part.

The film will appeal to kids, who have grown up all their lives with the internet and to older adults who can understand the struggle both Ralph and Vanellope face in this brave new world of the internet. We see so many different worlds within the internet from online shopping, to online gaming, to social media and even shades of the dark web.

Set between the humor and the fun visuals, the heart of the story is the relationship between Ralph and Vanellope. The ideas of selfishness, insecurities and what happens to friendships over the years all come in to play. These ideas are all powerful ones that we can all relate to in both positive and negative ways.

Then we get the much talked about Disney princess sequence with Vanellope. This scene shown to us at the D23 Expo last year brought the house down. One of the funniest sequences ever created still lives up to it's billing over a year after I first saw it. And yes, while the scene is Disney showing off, it does set up the rest of the movie.

Hopefully you have avoided anyone spoiling any of the movie for you. I hope that you avoid anyone spoiling the tag in the end credits as well as the sequence after the credits have played. There is also a musical sequence in the film that shows that this is really a princess movie.

Despite some of it's clunkiness, the movie is even more well-crafted than the first and the story arcs of both Ralph and Vanellope pay off in deep and meaningful ways. It's overriding message of friendship may leave you in tears and thinking of friends who have come and gone in your own life.

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