Sunday, December 29, 2013

Jurassic Park 05 and Pizza Planet Truck Meet at Joe's Italian Ice!

Hey everybody! We had a very successful turn out the other Sunday at the new Joe's Italian Ice location in Anaheim! Both of my favorite movie vehicles were on hand to take photos and talk with everyone who came out!

Let's take a closer look at the Pizza Planet Truck and Jurassic Park Jeep 05!
Here, of course the Pizza Planet Truck of Toy Story fame!
Here is the truck from the side! Notice the new rocket on top of the truck! It is a much larger one than what was up there previously!
Lil Oishi had to stand next to the new rocket!
Take a look at the interior of the truck! Love the detail of the LGMs (little green men) hanging from the rear view mirror! Plus, notice the gear shift ball? Why, it's the Pixar ball!
All the movie accurate details on the back of the truck!
Perhaps my favorite bumper sticker of all-time!
Lil Oishi loves KRAT FM!
Lil Oishi wanted to point out that the license plate is the same letters and numbers as in the movie!
They will let anyone drive! Ok no not really!
Getting ready to deliver pizza's with a smile!
Now, let's take a closer look at the Jurassic Park Jeep 05!
I love the hang tag and that suspicious looking can of "shaving cream"!
Taking a look at the interior!
That pith helmet is ready to be worn!
Something is hatching from those eggs! Why it's a baby raptor!
Silly dinosaur! Put Lil Oishi down!
Getting ready for an adventure!
Ready to head out and drive!
Such a comfortable seat! Hopefully we don't run into any fast moving carnivores out on the road!
Light check! Don't want to get stuck out in the jungle without lights!
One last look at both of my favorite movie cars! Look for another meet up soon and hopefully some fun new projects with both vehicles!

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  1. That's really cool. My toddler is so obsessed with Toy Story right now. We have watched it so many times. I told him we were going to see fireworks tomorrow night, and he said, "we're going to see the fireworks over the castle!?!" I was, what castle?! Then I realized he meant the intro to all the Disney movies where the fireworks go off over Cinderella's castle (is it Cinderella? I grew up in Orlando; I should know.). Anyways, that is a long story to say that my son would love to sit in the Pizza Planet truck. And that he is going to be disappointed with our non-castle fireworks tomorrow.

  2. be honest - if you hit the lottery tomorrow, you'd either try to buy that truck or make one for yourself!

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