Sunday, November 17, 2013

Animated Short Review: Get A Horse

"Get A Horse" is the animated short playing in front of Frozen and believe me that not only is it a must see but it deserves its own review!

Under the guise of a "recently" discovered Mickey Mouse cartoon from the late 1920s/early 1930s is in fact a short created this past year. But love and care were used to recreate the look and feel of a long-lost animation treasure!

The animators went as far as to take Mickey Mouse dialogue out of various shorts to piece together the dialogue for this. As many of you know Walt himself was the original voice for Mickey. They even went to Imagineering to use the same instruments used to create the original sound effects for the first Mickey Mouse animated shorts. They even figured out how to create an aged look to the cells.

As you watch this loving tribute to Walt and the original Mickey Mouse animated shorts, you won't be prepared for the next level of amazingness to this short!


The bad guy Pete is swinging Mickey and Horace around and they bounce into the screen. He does it again and then they break through the screen!

All of a sudden Mickey is through the looking glass and is a CGI colorized version of his original black and white self!

Then there is a lot of play between our world and the black and white world and some fun 3D effects! Such a brilliant animated short that has to be seen in 3D!

Thanks to this team for all of their hard work to create such a classic animated short!

See "Get A Horse" in front of Frozen and see it in 3D!


  1. Awww I love the Old Mickey's. Good times :)

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