Thursday, October 6, 2011

Review of Real Steel by Matt Chavez

Hey Sasaki Time Fans! I am pleased to introduce a new member to the Sasaki Time Family, Matt Chavez, who will be writing movie reviews for the site! Please welcome him and let him know that you want to read more of his reviews!

Real Steel is a film set in the not too distant future, in where human boxing is dead and replaced in favor of giving audiences the sort of deathly carnage only robotic gladiators can provide. Charlie (Hugh Jackman) is former boxer that could take a punch from any guy that could deliver. Now, down on his luck, Charlie is a struggling promoter trying to fight his way back to the top. But this time, he is doing it with 9-foot tall boxing robots. Along his journey, Charlie receives information in regards to his long-abandoned son Max (Dakota Goyo). Max is dropped off by Charlie’s former sister-in-law (Hope Davis) and her husband (James Rebhorn) as part of a custody deal and will be spending the summer with his father. Charlie and Max initially have no use or affection for each other, but eventually bond over their interest in robot boxing. After his last robot becomes trashed, Charlie takes Max to the junkyard to scour parts to build a new one. Eventually, Max comes across a fully built robot buried in the mud. Can they take this old generation sparring bot and turn him into a champion?

Real Steel has been mocked as being the movie version of Rock ‘Em Sock ’Em Robots, but I can assure you that this movie is much more than that. Real Steel is an emotional and heartfelt story about a father and son bonding and reuniting over a common interest. Now combine that with some sweet robot-on-robot violence and a former boxer finally getting a shot at the comeback that he never quite got and you have a fun loving, feel good movie that has you cheering for the underdog. Hugh Jackman and Dakota Goyo have great chemistry together. Personally, I believe that Dakota Goyo carries a large portion of the movie and I like how he comes across as a likable, regular kid. His role is the most memorable and I think this movie will secure his place as the next “up and coming actor”. Evangeline Lilly also does a great job in her role as Bailey, Charlie’s old love and the daughter of his former coach. The robots in this movie are truly amazing and there are times when you completely forget that these iron giants are CGI. Accompanied by a good soundtrack, this high energy movie had me bobbing and weaving in my seat the entire time!!!

If you are looking for a film that will have you smiling when you leave the theater and make you feel like you got your money’s worth, the check out Real Steel!!! Real Steel hits theaters and IMAX nationwide October 7th!!!

You can catch Real Steel at The El Capitan in Hollywood from October 7th- October 19th. And if you want to feel like you are part of the action, check out Real Steel at the Anaheim Gardenwalk’s UltraStar Cinemas D-Box Motion Seats.

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