Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trip to The Walt Disney Studios: Part 1 The History

Hey Sasaki Time fans! I am bringing you a trip report from The Walt Disney studios! Now the Studios typically are not open to the public though D23 members do get to attend events on the lot from time to time! But if you are not a D23 member and want to go on a regular day then you need to be invited by a Cast Member. So, a few days ago I was invited by a couple of good friends to walk around the lot!

I decided to make this trip report a three part report! The first one dealing with some of the history that is to be found on the Lot! The second part dealing with some of the wonderful food to be found at the Studio Commissary! The last part of the report is the main reason for visiting The Studios and that was to see the newly remodeled Studio Store!

So, on with Part 1 The History! I just wanted to share some of the fun historic items you can see while you walk around the Lot!

Once you get past the security gate, you enter the Zorro Parking Structure! Check out the awesome character artwork!

Heading out of the structure across the street you will see the various Studio sound stages where some of the greatest Disney films and TV shows ere filmed. In some of them, the first attractions for Disneyland were built and tested. Stage 2 is very famous and is known as the Julie Andrews Stage. Mary Poppins and The Princess Dairies were both filmed here!
Here is the plaque so you know this is the Julie Andrews Stage.
From here you can see the famous water tower.
I saw this poster and had to take a picture of it. The Golden Oaks Ranch was the home to the Spin and Marty Show that was part of the original Mickey Mouse Club Show. Looks like they ranch is ready to do more filming!

We continue to the Hyperion Bungalow, one of the buildings from the old Hyperion Studio Lot that was moved to the Lot here in Burbank. Sorry the image is so dark!
Across from the Hyperion Bungalow is the Studio Commissary but because it is too early for lunch we will just look at the two flag poles out in front. Here is one of them. This is one of two flag poles that were used during the Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley in 1960. Walt Disney was responsible for both the opening and closing ceremonies.
Continuing up the street we run into a well photographed corner on the Studio Lot. This is the corner of Dopey Drive and Mickey Avenue. And yes the signs are pointing to the places where all of those different animation divisions once were.
As we pull back from this famous corner, you can see one more famous part of this corner. Yes, I do mean the fire hydrant! That's Pluto's Corner!
Let's take a closer look at Pluto's Corner shall we? If you have to ask why are their only three paw prints, you aren't thinking hard enough or funny enough! Hahaha!
As we continue up the street, we run into the Studio Theater. It underwent a major overhaul to modernize it a few years ago. All the Studio screenings are held here. Before the upgrade there use to be hand prints and signatures in concrete of early Disney Legends before they built Legends Plaza.
Right across from the Studio Theatre is the Animation building or what was the Animation building. It is still home to offices of many different production groups. The Feature Animation team is in the "hat" building next to the ABC West Coast Offices which is across the street from the main Lot.
Of course this building is historic and you can read the plaque on the outside of the building.
As we exit the Animation building we have our first look at the Team Disney Burbank building. This holds the offices of the top management of The Walt Disney Company including CEO Bog Iger. How fitting that the film that helped Walt build this studio is now the characters that are holding up the building?
Next to the Team Disney Burbank building is Legends Plaza. This is the home to the people that made The Company what it is today!
They have a larger than life version of the Legends Award.
There is another Partner's Statue. Feels like being down the road at Disneyland!
Nearby is the statue of Walt's brother Roy and Minnie. You can find this at Walt Disney World.
We continue our tour and head to the Frank G. Well's building. Inside is the home to The Walt Disney Archives.
Before we step inside, let's take a look at one of the original multi-plane cameras!

Let's step inside.
And take a look around!
As we head back outside, there is a display of some of the famous hats worn in Disney movies or attractions! This is my favorite one, from The Rocketeer!

I hope you enjoyed a look at just some of the history of the Studios! Check out Part 2 The Studio Commissary because it is now time for lunch!


  1. That was awesome! Thank you So much for taking the time to share this wounderful adventure with us! I have never been to Disney world and will probably never get to do what you just did! I can't wait for part II!

  2. I'm glad you really enjoyed it! I love Disney and grew up with Disney! Being able to do these things has been a blessing! I am working on Part 2 as we speak!

  3. Thank you. That was very interesting. I live in Missouri and would NEVER get the chance to see something like that. :)