Friday, September 2, 2011

Preview of Year 2 of Sasaki Food Time!

Hello Food Time Fans! Thank you once again for all of your support in my first year! Now here is a preview of some things to look forward to in Year 2!

1. Product Reviews will be new this year! I already have two companies lined up! I hope to share the first review with you in the very near future!

2. I will be starting a series on dinner and a movie! I'll be discussing themed dining adventures to go with some of the latest movies! I will even focus on dinner and a movie that you may already have in your home! I will even discuss the food that you can find at a theater near you!

3. There will still be the great reviews that you have come to expect from Sasaki Food Time!

4. I hope to bring back video reviews! I am working on the details of the first new video and it should be pretty epic! I actually don't know how I can top it! Well at least for now!

 5. I hope to increase the number of contests and giveaways to you this year as well!

So, as always, thank you for the love and the support!

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