Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pogi Boy Truck: FOBuloso French Toast Burger Review!

Hey Food Time Fans! I'm back with another review of The Pogi Boy Truck!

I started with a Mexican coke! If you've never had one before, it is made with pure cane sugar and not processed sugar for a different tasting Coca-cola experience and one of my favorites!

But the real reason that I came back to The Pogi Boy Truck was for the FOBuloso French Toast Burger!

The combination of the burger, the lettuce, tomatoes, special sauce, pickles and bacon is just perfect! It also comes with a side of maple syrup to dip your burger into and man it changes the entire flavor profile! It's like breakfast for anytime of the day or night! Then you add their seasoned fries and I think I found my new favorite burger!

Thanks again for some great food you guys! Keep up the great work!

Check out The Pogi Boy Truck at their website below:

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