Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Walt Disney Studios Holiday Party 2012

Happy Holidays everyone! I am at The Walt Disney Studios for their Holiday Party called Light Up The Season! They went all out this year and made it even bigger with lots more to do this year than last year! So with a greeting from Snow White and Dopey, let's get started!
 Pluto is hanging out in front of the Hyperion Bungalow building!
 There is even a live band playing all of our holiday favorites!

Even Santa couldn't resist stopping by The Walt Disney Studios to say hello!
Hot chocolate and one eyed snowman cookies! Ok so they weren't all one eyes snowman cookies! But what happened to his eye?
The beautifully lit trees in fromt of The Studio Store!
 There were quite a few booths to pick up one of a kind gifts.
 Taking a stroll towards the Team Disney Burbank building!
I ran into some reindeer games to play for prizes!
  Here is the actual reindeer game! Hahaha!
Festive red lights on the Team Disney Burbank building! On the top you can see Dopey has his Santa hat on!
 All aboard the Holiday Express!
 There is nothing like taking the train around Legends Plaza!
 Let's see what's playing at the Main Studio Theater!
 Classic Holiday cartoons including my all-time favorite Mickey's Christmas Carol!
 After watching some holiday favorites it was time to eat! Let's see what the cafeteria is offering tonight!
 Those pizzas sure look good!
I settled on sliders, chili cheese fries and a Cool Haus ice cream sandwich!
 Headed into The Studio Store to get my Art of Wreck-It Ralph book signed! Here I am with Wreck-It Ralph visual development artist Cory Loftis
Check out the drawing that Cory did for me!
 Here with Wreck-It Ralph Visual Development Artist Lorelay Bove!
 Lorelay drew Vanellope for me!
Co-Art Director Ian Gooding drawing in my book!
 Ian renamed the film Wreck-It Jason for me!
Art Director Mike Gabriel drawing for me!
 Mike drew for me King Candy!

I love the Art of books and thankful for the artists taking time out of their schedule to come and sign the books and draw something in them!
Another great time at The Walt Disney Studios for their Holiday Party! Hopefully next year will even be bigger! I end this trip report with a photo of the carolers! Happy Holidays everyone!

Hope you enjoyed another visit to one of my favorite Disney places!


  1. What a fun party! I love the book signatures.

  2. It was much bigger than last year's! And they try to do signings with each and every movie but it doesn't always happen! I have some cool photos from some of the blu-ray releases over the years as well!