Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Review: Muffin Topz of Baldwin Park!

One of my greatest joys of blogging is being able to help out friends that have amazing talents. One such friend is Adriana. She told me about her brothers who were starting up their own baking business. I am a fan of food and places that have great stories! So, here is their story, as told by Adriana:

"My brothers started baking just to make a morning snack for my dad to take to work because it was expensive to constantly buy baked goods. Baking is in there genes! My grandpa and uncles were lifelong bakers. So my brothers learned from the best.

Everything they make is handmade and some are even my own grandfathers recipes. They still bake out of one small kitchen oven, an old hand blender and an almost worn out tupperware bowl. I just really want people to know who they are and all these big chain places still can't compare to those simple bakers who bake with their heart and soul.

We have a Facebook page that I am still editing and an email address. We are located in Baldwin Park, CA. We do not have a store but hopefully we can get some customers and start making some money to get a bakery we they can expand their hobby."

So, with that great story, let's go to the tasting! Her brothers made me their famous chocolate cupcakes and red velvet cupcakes!
This was honestly one of the best chocolate cupcakes I have ever had! The cake itself was super moist an not super sugary! I think that sometimes cupcakes are too sweet and that ruins the experience. The frosting is handmade and it was light and creamy. It did not overwhelm the flavor of the cupcake itself. Just a really nice balance.
The red velvet was amazing as well! Red velvet is already one of my favorite cupcakes ever! The red velvet cake was moist and very delicate! The cream cheese frosting is rich and creamy! A perfect red velvet cupcake!
One of my favorite things to do is to pair cupcakes with wines and beers. It is a new thing for me but as I learn more about beer and wine it is getting easier and easier to pair the two. I paired the chocolate cupcake with a Firestone Double Barrel Ale. The Firestone is a great full bodied ale with wonderful notes of oak, caramel, spices and a good amount of carbonation. The carbonation actually mixes well with the chocolate!
I paired the red velvet with a Daniel Gehrs Chenin Blanc. The Chenin Blanc has lovely aromas of honey and flowers with the flavor of pear. This light refreshing wine pairs perfectly with the rich red velvet.

So, two great examples of the work that these guys can do! They also make cakes, cookies and hard candy!

To find out more check out their evolving Facebook page at:

Muffin Topz of Baldwin Park

Or to email them:

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