Sunday, December 16, 2012

Movie Review: Monsters, Inc. 3D at The El Capitan!

Hey everybody it's Jason back with another movie review from The El Capitan Theatre! So you know it's a Disney movie and it's for Monsters, Inc. 3D! So let's grab the Mikey popcorn bucket and the Sulley blue Icee's and head to our seats!
Check out the awesome Sulley 3D glasses! I wish they also had Mike and Roz ones! But they were cool and unexpected as I didn't see anything about Sulley glasses!
One of my favorite things about The El Cap is the organist Rob Richards! He is super talented and been playing here since 1999! I always look forward to listening to him play at every movie pre-show!
Before every showing of Monsters, Inc. 3D at The El Cap will be a Holiday Sing-A-Long with Mike and Sulley!
As we entered The El Cap we were also given these jingle bell bracelets! You are encouraged to put them on and use the bracelets during the sing-a-long!
As to be expected the movie in 3D was spectacular! Pixar believes in the three "C's" when it comes to 3D:
Comfort - the 3D is not meant to create a strain or become a distraction for the audience.
Consistent - the 3D is meant to enhance the original version of the film
Captivating - to make the film very rewarding - engaging, deep and immersive.

The 3D team spent nearly a year recreating the Monster world in 3D. But for director Pete Docter, he felt the film was already in 3D, at least in his head. He had to think about the movie in 3D in terms of buildings, sets, shooting and lighting for the entire film. So he felt that the transition into actual 3D was not a huge jump.

The filmmakers identified several scenes that showcase how the 3D has enhanced the film. Pay particular attention to the Harryhausen's scene, Sulley's sleigh ride down the Himalayas, and of course the door vault chase sequence.

The film in 3D is stunning to see again on the big screen and the addition of 3D really enchances the depth of the film. Once you see the opening sequence, you will see how the 3D really brings you into the film. And it's great to see some old friends on the screen before we see them next summer in the prequel Monsters University!

Monsters, Inc. 3D plays at The El Capitan Theatre December 19 until January 6!

You can get tickets here: 

Or see it at a theatre near you!


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