Tuesday, December 5, 2023

4K Digital Review: A Haunting in Venice


Kenneth Branaugh is back in his third outing as Hercule Poirot, the famed Agatha Christie sleuth. A Haunting in Venice is based off of the Christie novel, "Hallowe'en Party." This movie is easily the best of the Poirot trilogy.

Though the film is set in Venice, almost the entire movie takes place in a home. This adds to the claustrophobic vibe of the film. While there is a supernatural aspects to this movie, it is still a murder mystery. The story revolves around a friend of Poirot's that invites him to attend a seance led by a very popular medium who is suspected of being a fake. Poirot is intrigued but hopes to show that the world of the supernatural is merely a fantasy. The story is up to interpretation and you end up with more a classic who-done-it movie than a horror movie. 

The surrounding cast is exceptional. Tina Fey plays an author that helps Poirot during the investigation and is sassy and a delight. Michelle Yeoh is solid as usual and plays the medium. Jamie Dornan plays a veteran doctor who is suffering from PTSD. 

In the end we get a solid movie that has some elements of horror so I wouldn't recommend it for everyone. But some spooky moments added into this murder mystery make for a wonderfully delightful film to watch. 


The 4K streaming video is solid. The opening shots of Poirot on his roof is simply jaw dropping with razor sharp color and detail. Blacks are rich and inky. Underwater quality is usually a miss but not here. A solid video transfer from Disney.  


The Dolby Atmos audio mix is also solid. Dialogue is crisp and clean from the center channels. The surrounds come alive with the sounds of rain. But the bass track is real winner here. The walls will vibrate and push you back into your seat. Another solid audio mix from Disney.

Bonus Features:

Murder, Death and Haunting: Discover the secrets behind the scenes of A HAUNTING IN VENICE. Join Kenneth Branagh and his team as they bring Agatha Christie's classic Poirot novel ‘Hallowe’en Party’ to life with elaborate ensemble scenes and extravagant sets.

Deleted Scenes

  • Morning Routine
  • The Doge’s Palace
  • Halloween Party Extended
  • Desdemona’s Warning
  • Children’s Story
  • Poirot Needs Air
  • Guarding The Gates
  • Secret Doorway Extended
  • Ferrier’s Shouts
  • Poirot Pauses for Thought
  • Journey Home

A Haunting in Venice is the best of the Poirot trilogy with a wonderful murder mystery surrounded with a bit of horror. While light on bonus features, the video and audio mix are exceptional. Definitely recommended to be added to your library.

A Haunting in Venice is now available on digital, DVD and Blu-Ray.

*The review copy was provided by Walt Disney Home Entertainment for the sole purpose of review and the review is strictly my own opinion.*

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