Monday, November 6, 2023

4K Digital Review: Haunted Mansion (2023)


After the 2003 Haunted Mansion film with Eddie Murphy, Disney finally makes its way back to the world of the attraction and rebooting the IP. This time we get away from the slapstick humor of the 2003 film and get a film that is darker, scarier and yet still centered around a story about love and dealing with loss. 

Gabbie (Rosario Dawson) and her son Travis (Chase W. Dillon) are moving into an old mansion that turns out to be haunted. The spirits do not want the two to leave. Gabbie reaches out to a priest (Luke Wilson) for an exorcism, who then reaches out to astrophysicist Ben (LaKeith Stanfield). This is the start of a team of individuals to help learn about the past of the mansion. 

I will be honest and had low expectations for this film that ended up being a fun and exciting movie set in one of my all-time favorite Disneyland attractions. The cast is solid with Rosario and LaKeith being the highlights here. Their chemistry feels genuine with LaKeith playing a grieving widower and Rosario as an overprotective mother to perfection. Just a genuine fun movie that is filled with heart.


The streaming 4K video is beautiful. The film takes place mostly in dark locations and is wonderfully dimly lit and hazy to create an atmosphere of mystery and intrigue. Outdoor sequences on the other hand are bright and cheery. The rich mahogany tones of the inside of the mansion along with the orange flicker of the candles come to life. The spirits and ghosts of the mansion come to life in their green and blue neon colors.  


The 5.1 Dolby Atmos track is amazing. Dialogue is crisp and clear from the front channel. The rear channels get a real worjout from the atmospheric sounds of the inside the mansion. The creaks, cracks and booms really shine here. Another fantastic soundtrack from Disney.

Bonus Features


·       Making Haunted Mansion (13:05) Hear from cast, crew and filmmakers about creating this grim grinning adventure based on the world-famous ride. See how the ghosts were "brought to life," what role new technology played, and how the wildly popular attraction inspired the film's design.

·       999 Happy Haunts (7:05) There are 999 Happy Haunts inside the Disney Parks' attraction...but always room for one more! See all the Easter eggs (well, maybe not all of them) where characters big, small, alive, departed, human and otherwise appear in both the movie and the ride.



Take a look at some moments that passed on before the final version of The Haunted Mansion was finished.

·       Carol (0:45)

·       1 Star (0:44)

·       Harriet’s House Of Intuition (3:11)

·       They Say The Place Is Haunted (1:16)

·       Between Realms (1:42)

·       Crump Manor (1:07)

·       Emergency Baptism (1:01)

·       A Good Head For Business (0:32)


     ·       Who knew making a scary movie could be so funny?             


Haunted Mansion was a blast for me. I loved all the nods to the attraction while still telling a compelling story about love and loss. A deeply moving movie that I wasn't expecting. A wonderful video transfer with a fantastic audio track plus some fun bonus features make this a welcome addition to your library. Haunted Mansion is available on digital, DVD, Blu-Ray and 4K Ultra HD.  

*The movie was provided by Walt Disney Home Entertainment for the sole purpose of the review. The review is strictly my opinion.*                                                                                                                                                  

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