Monday, January 1, 2024

4K Digital Review: The Creator


Gareth Edwards wrote and directed The Creator, a film about the emergence of AI. At first, we embrace AI, but then the AI turns against us and sets off a nuclear explosion. Now fifteen years later man is at war against the machines. Humanity has forced the remaining robots and their sympathizers into the East using a massive floating weapons platform called NOMAD. John David Washington plays Joshua, a special force spy sent into the find Nirmata (creator of the AI machines). As Joshua gets closer to finding out who Nirmata is, he falls in love with Maya (Gemma Chan).

After a devastating attack and Maya is lost, we move forward five years. We find Joshua is retired but discovers that Maya is alive. The AI are also close to creating a weapon that can destroy NOMAD. The military wants to use Joshua to find the weapon and destroy it before it can be used. But the weapon turns out to be an AI in the form of a child. This child can control technology and also knows where Maya is. Joshua must choose whether to follow orders or his heart.

Fantastic sets, action pieces, great acting make this one of my favorite movies of 2023. In the end the movie asks who is more human, the humans or the machines? 


The Creator looks stunning as there was no green screen used in the entire production of the movie. Everything was filmed on location. The wizards at ILM then created the sci-fi feel to the film. So, there is a real texture to everything. Even the way Edwards used a digital grain to create a seventies vibe to the look of the film looks amazing. Colors were muted on purpose to let the grays and blues dominate, but primary colors really shine through.  


The Dolby Atmos audio mix is solid. It is totally immersive and full of environmental effects. The action sequences have a lot of heft to them with lots of bass when bombs and missiles go off.  The dialogue is front and center and the score is nicely mixed in. 

Bonus Feature:

True Love: Making The Creator (55 Mins)
Join director Gareth Edwards and crew for nearly an hour look behind the scenes. Hear from actors about the filming experience, and learn about the production's documentary-style approach, the innovative camera and lighting work, and much more.


The Creator is one of the best films of 2023. A wonderful story on what is love, what is family, filled with solid acting, an amazing score, beautiful set pieces and a fabulous documentary make this a must have to your film library. 

 The Creator is now available on digital and on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD.

*The film was provided by Walt Disney Home Entertainment for the sole purpose of review and the review is strictly my opinion.*

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