Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Snacking In The Parks: Handcrafted Donuts in Disneyland!

Of all the food items that needed to be added to the roster at The Disneyland Resort, it was handcrafted donuts! On Saturday I got my wish. While in a test phase, they are selling out every single day, and in most days, in a matter of a few hours. These donuts are made fresh on property and currently only sold at one place in the resort. You will find these donuts at the coffee cart on the left side of the castle in the Hub.

Let's get a closer look at the offerings!

First up is this Reese's Cup Chocolate Bar. For those of you that love peanut butter and chocolate imagine it mixed with a delicious soft, fresh made chocolate bar donut!

Next up is this frosted donut with M&M's and waffle cone pieces! This is a sugar rush and the crunchy waffle cone pieces perfectly balance with the softness of the donut and the hard candy shells of the M&M's!

Last but not least is my favorite of the three offerings! Behold the fruity pebble bar! I love fruity pebbles and adding it in this dose on top of a bar donut is perfection! I love the sweetness and the crunch of the fruity pebbles!

One more look at all three donut offerings!

A perfect day starts with a fruity pebble donut in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle!

Hopefully these donuts find a permanent home at the resort! But until then, hurry to Disneyland and get you donuts now!

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