Tuesday, September 13, 2016

My Dream Loot Crate - The Disney Movie Vault Crate - Beauty and The Beast

When Loot Crate said they were interested in learning about what ideas people would put together for a Dream Crate my mind went wild with all of the possibilities of all the Loot Crates that could be created in the World of Disney. Narrowing it down to one idea forced me to really think about what was my overall favorite thing in the Disney Universe and that would be the movies.

So, my idea for My Dream Loot Crate is the Disney Movie Vault Loot Crate! Every month you would get a Disney movie and a variety of cool items to help you celebrate that movie! Each crate would then fold into what looks like a vault with that movie title on it, perfect for storage of all of your Loot Crate goodies.

I decided that the first crate would have to be for the 25th Anniversary Blu-ray of Beauty and The Beast. I choose this as the first crate as I am not only a huge fan of the animated version but I cannot wait for the live action version next year.

For those of you not familiar with Loot Crate, it is a monthly subscription service that sends you between 4 to 6 geeky items to your door from a wide variety of brands.

Let's take a look into My Dream Loot Crate and see what treasures we uncover.

The 25th Anniversary Blu-Ray of Beauty and The Beast is the highlight of this Loot Crate. The only animated film to be nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards includes four versions of the film as well as a host of stunning all-new bonus extras.

Next, you will uncover this light-up Lumiere ornament. A fantastic way to light your path all year through. This item is from the Disney Store.

Continuing through the Loot Crate you will discover a stowaway. This adorable Chip mug has found his way into the Crate and into your heart. I love mugs and this is the perfect choice for this Loot Crate. This items is from the Disney Parks.

Next, to help celebrate the upcoming live action version of Disney's Beauty and The Beast you will also get this mini teaser poster perfect for framing.
And last but not least you will also get a really cool t-shirt like one of the above depending if you are male or female. These items are from the Disney Store.

The Disney Movie Vault Loot Crate will be the perfect gift for you or your favorite Disney movie fan. And this would not just be limited to Disney movies but to various studios as well.

What do you think of this Dream Loot Crate? Would this be something you want to see become a reality? And what would be in your Dream Loot Crate? Leave comments below!

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*Disclaimer: This post is in conjunction with Loot Crate but is not a paid post. All opinions are my own.*

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