Monday, September 5, 2016

Disney Parks Metal Earth Collection available at Disneyland

I love the Metal Earth series and loved when they started carrying the Star Wars ones in Disneyland. I had always hoped they would start a Disney Parks series and they have! I found these in Disneyana on Main Street in Disneyland!

The Metal Earth series features sheets of metal that you bend and carefully put together to make stunning recreations of vehicles and buildings. Take a look at Space Mountain.

The Haunted Mansion is from the Magic Kingdom and not Disneyland. Remember it is a Disney Parks Collection and not just a Disneyland Resort Collection. Maybe we will get our mansion in the future!

I love the hearse from Haunted Mansion and the locomotive.

The Black Pearl is stunning. Sorry I didn't get a better picture of the monorail behind it.

Cinderella's Carriage is beautiful!

Cinderella's Castle from Walt Disney World.

Mickey's Funwheel looks awesome!

Sleeping Beauty Castle is where we end our look at the Metal Earth Disney Parks Collection. You can find all of these at Disneyana on Main Street.

Cost: 1 for $16.99 plus tax or 4 for $49.99 plus tax


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