Monday, August 1, 2016

Horchateria in Paramount Is A Horchata Lovers Dream Come True!

As a huge horchata fan, my friend Cesar brought me to Horchateria in Paramount, California!

They have a simple menu but you will still have a difficult time trying to figure out what you want to have! You can choose from horchata (either regular or vegan), you can get churros or turn them into a churro sundae complete with horchata ice cream! There is aquas fescas, coffee, horchata iced coffee, concha ice cream sandwiches, and even frappes!

It was such a hot day that I went with the horchata iced coffee! Look at this beauty! The smooth iced coffee combined with the creamy horchata is a perfect pairing! You are never going to look at flavored iced coffee the same way ever again! Even as I write this, I want an X-Large Horchata Iced Coffee right now!

But saving the best for last, the concha ice cream sandwich! The Mexican sweet bread is the perfect compliment to the horchata ice cream! The softness of the sweet bread and the fact that the sweet bread is not overly sweet is perfect for an ice cream sandwich. Cookies are too tough and donuts are just too sweet for an ice cream sandwich. This is the perfect marriage of sweet bread, ice cream and then combined with walnuts and drizzled with cajeta! You will wonder why no one has come up with this before!

Super friendly staff also makes you feel right at home! So bring a few friends and try a little bit of everything!

Horchateria Rio Luna Address:

15729 Downey Avenue



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