Monday, May 23, 2016

Sasaki Time Movie Review: Alice Through The Looking Glass

It's time to travel back to Underland. Alice goes through the looking glass this time to return to save her friend The Mad Hatter. Visually the film is spectacular and watching it in IMAX 3D is a must!

We being aboard Alice's father's ship The Wonder, under attack by pirates. Now returning home to London she finds her old fiance wanting to take back her father's ship by threatening to take over the family home. Alice is diagnosed with hysteria and ends up in a mental institution. She longs for a return to Underland.

Absolem (an all too short role voiced by the late Alan Rickman) is seeking Alice out and she gets her return to Underland. She discovers her friend The Mad Hatter is suffering from depression as no one believes him when he feels that his family is still alive. Alice wants to help her friend and tries to find Time (played to perfection by Sacha Baron Cohen) to help her.

Time is not willing to help her. He does tell her that one cannot change the past but hopefully one can learn from it. This leads to Alice stealing an item to help her travel back in time in hopes of saving The Mad Hatter. Alcie then does learn that waht Time said was true, she cannot change the past is she is learning from it and that is what will eventually lead her to save her best friend.

Through Alice's time travel we get some great backstory of the characters we have come to know since the first movie. In particular, we learn about the relationship between the Queen of Hearts and her sister, the White Queen. We learn how the Queen of Hearts got her huge head and her even worse personality. So, in a way, we get an origin story and see how all the characters came to be who they are now.

In the end, does Alice save her friend and the rest of Underland? Do the lessons she learns through time travel come to play out in the real world? Discover these answers and more to this heartfelt adventure for the entire family to enjoy when Alice Through The Looking Glass opens in theaters on May 27th!

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