Friday, May 6, 2016

Sasaki Time at Dapper Day Spring 2016 (May 1, 2016) - Photos Part 2 - Darth Poppins and Bert Skywalker invade Tomorrowland

Part of our Dapper Day Spring 2016 photos takes place here in Tomorrowland. This is the perfect place for Darth Poppins and Bert skywalker to visit with Season of The Force still going on.

The rock work makes for the perfect place for another epic lightsaber umbrella fight!

These are the droids we are looking for, even backwards R2-D2!

Hanging with the moonliner!

Time to head into Star Wars Launch Bay!

Our favorite story takes place a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

Love this photo sitting on the scroll.

With my favorite droid!

Stepping up to the Cantina bar for a drink.

There is always time for a game of Dejarik. Our photographer Kevin photoshopped the holographic game characters into the photo.

I think Darth Poppins had enough of this game. Helpful hint, let the Dark Lord of the Sith win the game.

Love the Jedi Library. So many books.

The lightsaber umbrella is the weapon of Darth Poppins and Bert Skywalker. Yes, our umbrellas actually do light up!

Darth Poppins taking her photo with Darth Vaders costume.

May the force be with you. Always.

Thanks once again to Kevin for being our awesome photographer!

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