Friday, August 28, 2015

NewAir CC-100 Humidor Review - Giving Your Cigars the Best Home

I have been testing the NewAir CC-100 humidor for nearly a month now and completely in love with it! The design reminds me of a wine cooler and thus fits anywhere in the home, from the kitchen, to a home office, to a man cave!

The humidor is easy to set up! By simply following the instructions I reached the optimal humidity in just two short days. It is also whisper quiet so it will not be a distraction in whatever room you set it up in.

The compact design and glass door brings a lovely elegance to the humidor. It stores up to 250 cigars on beautiful cedar shelves. Inside you can adjust the temperature. According to the hydrometer the ideal temperature is between 60 and 80 degrees. The idea behind the lower temperature is to prevent mold, repel damaging insects and like a fine wine, to help with the aging process.

The NewAir CC-100 Humidor comes with a limited manufacturer warranty. I look forward to making great use of the humidor for many years to come! Have a great smoke everybody!


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