Sunday, August 23, 2015

Disneyland Merchandise Update (8/22/2015) - New Shirts - Alice and Pet Items

Time to get back into doing Disneyland Merchandise updates for you guys! So here we go! Take a look at some new Star Wars shirts, Alice in Wonderland items and some items for your pets!

Women get the best shirts!

I haven't noticed this R2-D2 shirt before!

Kids get the best shirts!

Kids still get the best shirts!

Cool Captain Hook line of shirts have come in!

I love this shirt but I wish it came in a different color like black!

One more in the Captain Hook line of shirts!

I must have missed this fantastic Cheshire Cat hummingbird feeder.

This flower pot inspired Alice in Wonderland mug.

Love these Alice in Wonderland flower pots!

This is brilliant! Because your pet totally needs a personalized name tag! I do wish they could be engraved though!

A variety of colors on the Mickey Mouse themed leashes!

A cute Minnie Mouse bow collar!

A sparkly princess bow collar!

Squeak toys but no male pet-centric squeak toys!

This awesome set of dog bandannas! You get all four!

Hope you enjoyed this quick look at some of the new merchandise available in Disneyland!

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