Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snacking In The Parks: Harbour Galley - Stuffed Potatoes and Bread Bowls!

With so many places to eat in Disneyland, I bring you another one of my favorite places, the Harbour Galley located right across from the exit of The Haunted Mansion. This little hideaway is home to not only the famous bread bowls but also to some interesting stuffed potato options!

The above is the barbecue chicken and slaw stuffed potato! The barbecue chicken and slaw are a perfect match with the starchiness of the potato! A filling meal all by itself!

The shrimp salad stuffed potato on the other hand is not a good pairing of flavors. While there is an ample amount of shrimp and the salad is light and refreshing with a tasty Italian dressing, the potato itself is far too heavy. A great pairing would have been the shrimp salad with the buttered brioche roll that they serve with the lobster roll! Now that would be something I would get time and time again!

Of course you can get the famous clam chowder bread bowls here and it is usually less crowded than going to the Royal Street Veranda in New Orleans Square.

So, a great place to get a great snack or a meal, depending on your appetite.

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