Monday, February 16, 2015

Restaurant Review: Bronx Sandwich Co. in Tustin - Home of Massive Street Fries and Pastrami Sandwiches!

Time to check out Bronx Sandwich Co. in Tustin! I love pastrami and if these guys live up their Bronx name, this will be my new go to pastrami place!
I ordered one of their street fries selections, The Manhattan! This thing is massive! I had no idea how huge these fries would be! I love that they give you three dipping sauces to go with it! You get regular mustard, brown mustard and buffalo sauce!
Here is closer picture of The Manhattan! Thinly sliced grilled pastrami, thick cut grilled onions, with American cheese and string fries! This thing is a meal all by itself!
They also have some great side salad options! We got the seafood salad, the macaroni salad and the egg salad! All were great but the stand out here is the seafood salad! There is so much crab in every bite! I would gladly order the seafood salad each and every time!
My friend Brian ordered the East coast Pastrami! Piled high hot pastrami with Gulden's mustard on rye. You can also get it on a hero. Plus you get the pickle slice and a pepperoncini.
Looked at all that amazing pastrami!
I went with the King of Queens on a hero! Piled high hot pastrami and corned beef with Swiss cheese and Gulden's mustard!
Look how piled high my sandwich is! I could barely eat all of it! And yes the pastrami and the corned beef were amazing! Full of flavor and soft and tender! And the hero is made from the best place to get bread from, O.C. Baking Company!

A great new sandwich place and one I cannot wait to get back to! They are even opening one closer to me in Anaheim!

To learn more, check out their web site:

  • 13041 Newport Ave
  • Tustin, CA 92780

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