Thursday, August 14, 2014

Restaurant Event: Summer Fest Open House at Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen (2014)

Once again I was invited to the Summer Fest Open House at Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen in downtown Disney in Anaheim to enjoy food, drinks, entertainment and of course to check out their 6 Festive Private Rooms!
The highlight of the evening was that Ralph Brennan himself was there! It was a wonderful opportunity to not only meet the man but to talk with him and of course get a photo!
My friend Kristen and I attended the event and we started the evening with a hurricane! Not only is this one of their speciality drinks but this is also one of the best ones I have ever had. It is blended perfectly and you can hardly taste the alcohol.
There were several excellent appetizers being served including this fantastic buffalo chicken and waffle slider! The perfect combination of sweet and savory! I could have had about ten more of these! Plus, the staff carrying the appetizers were all fantastic and offered a Disney style level of guest service.
A delicious shrimp gazpacho came by next. The delicious tomato base with the fresh shrimp made for a perfect appetizer on a warm summer evening!
Deep fried okra became one of my favorites! Great earthy flavor made this an item I could also eat all evening!
Another favorite was the deep fried artichoke hearts! I love artichoke, so to have it deep fried made it even better!
Out on the balcony area, where 80 seated guests or 100 guests can gather for a reception, there was an impressive assortment of fresh seafood! The largest collection was this wooden canoe of shrimp! It was sweet and buttery! I could eat this shrimp all night long as well!
Next to the shrimp was the mussels! Don't they look delicious? Mussels are another one of my favorites!
And next to the mussels were clams! It was like they made a menu with me in mind as these are another one of my favorites! Look at all the vegetables and bacon with these clams!
This was my first time having a buffalo oyster! The oyster is perfectly meaty and plump. They are crispy on the outside but rich and creamy on the inside. Top that with buffalo sauce and ranch dressing and you have a wonderful appetizer!
Also out on the balcony was this mac and cheese station. I had them combine both the crawfish and the andouille sausage.
Watching the magic happen right before my eyes!
Doesn't that look amazing? What a perfect combination of flavors! The sweetness of the crawfish combined with the saltiness of the sausage made for a fantastic mac and cheese!
In the Wine Room, that seats a party of 18, they had this martini salad bar!
You just told them what ingredients you wanted.
Then they combined it into a martini shaker! Shaken and not stirred and you got an amazing salad with dressing mixed perfectly throughout the entire salad!
There was also a carving station for moist and juicy prime rib. There were various sauces to try with the prime rib and a fantastic Zinfandel au jus!
Here is my martini mixed salad with prime rib with the three olive salad and the Zinfandel au jus! Perfect dinner and perfect presentation!
In the Queen's Room, that seats 50 to 60 people or 80 for a reception with a private balcony, was the dessert room as well. There was cotton candy!
As you can see I am a big fan of cotton candy!
Butter! Lots and lots of butter for the next dessert!
Toss in some alcohol and you get...
Flames! And a New Orleans classic, bananas foster!
Who wants some bananas foster with vanilla bean ice cream? I thought so! This was so amazing! One of the best bananas foster desserts ever!
The Voodoo King and I wish you a fond farewell from Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen!

Thank you to the awesome special events team for the invite once again! Another night of amazing food, friends and entertainment!

So keep the Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen Downtown Disney in Anaheim in mind for your next special event:

- 6 amazing rooms for your next special event

- 5 hours of FREE parking with validation plus all day parking packages are also available

- mention SUMMER FEST while booking and receive a complimentary passed appetizer during your event!

Book today by calling (714) 563-7261

Also check out their web site: Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen: Private Events

*Disclaimer: Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen invited me to their Summer Fest Open House but the opinions and photos are strictly my own.*


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