Sunday, August 31, 2014

Disneyland Photo Report: Halloween Creeps Into The Park - Merchandise - Crows and Ghostly Materials

Hey everybody - it's time for another Disneyland photo report! Summer is just about over and the fall is setting in! That means it's almost Halloween Time! So come along with me and see what's new! A light crowd today as we head into Disneyland!
The colors of the flowers! So bright and cheerful! The park is happy to see us!
A closer look at the flowers!
As we head onto Town Square, Disneyana is presenting art to help celebrate the 45th Anniversary of The Haunted Mansion!
A great take on the stretching portraits! How cute do these characters look?
Donald and his nephews visiting the mansion. Dewey is feeding the ghost horse that pulls the hearse.
Hmmm reminds me of the painting called American Gothic.
This is perhaps my favorite piece of art on display here. The organ in The Haunted Mansion was the one used in the movie 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. So that is Captain Nemo, played by James Mason, as the spirit playing the organ.
Merchandise such as this Goofy pumpkin have arrived. Don't worry you will see more merchandise below!
Walking down Main Street I saw this skull in the window. I'm sure it has been there for a long time and not just part of the Halloween decorations slowly going in.
I also noticed this awesome stained glass spider web in one of the windows on Main Street as well.
As promised back to more Halloween merchandise! Check out these cute Pumpkin Mickey and Minnie mugs!
Here is a larger mug for those of us that require more coffee in the morning!
A cute tabletop decoration. Would have been cool if it was an actual alarm clock!
Love this candy bowl!
Halloween hand towels!
Cute Mickey-o-lantern!
Great Witch Minnie reusable bag!
Another great tabletop decoration!
I love this Countdown to Halloween!
The Haunted Mansion is preparing itself for Jack Skellington's yearly visit!
The sign lets us know that September 12th will be the day that Jack's back!
One of my favorite signs in the park!
Oh no, the crows have invaded the Fortuosity Shop on Main Street!
It's like a scene from The Birds.
So many crows!
One last look at some of the crows!

Halloween Time is quickly approaching! The Halloween Time festivities begin September 12th at Disneyland! Will you be there?

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