Friday, August 22, 2014

Blu-Ray Review: Once Upon A Time The Complete Third Season

Once Upon A Time: The Complete Third Season brings us another season of fairy tales, folk tales and fables. One of the best stories of the season comes in the form of Peter Pan. This multi-episode story arch takes the story you know and gives it an amazing twist. The other major twist comes in the form of Regina's half-sister, Zelena. Not wanting to give away any spoilers for those that aren't caught up on Season Three, you will just have to watch it for yourself. Trust me, you are in for a great season.


The video quality of this season exceeds those of the first two seasons with stunning 1080p quality. It makes the TV show feel more like a theatrical experience though the digital effects remind you that this is a TV show.


The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 surround sound is part of each episode. The crystal clear dialogue and rear channel effects add to the immersive quality of the show.

Bonus Features: 

Inside the Writer's Room: See how the shows writers are bringing Frozen into the story.

Deleted Scenes: Twelve minutes of footage from the season. Some of it insightful and some of it not so much.

Wicked Villains: A twelve minute featurette focused on the villains of course.

The Tale of Ariel: Take a look at the development of Ariel, her design, her casting and how she was brought to the TV screen.

The Fairest Bloopers of Them All: Wish there were more bloopers than the actors simply making funny faces.

Audio Commentaries: Four fantastic commentaries on four of the best episodes of the season. You will find commentaries for "Lost Girl," "Think Lovely Thoughts," "The Jolly Roger" and "There's No Place Like Home." Robert Carlyle who plays Mr. Gold/Rumple is featured on the second commentary. I wish they would have more cast members on commentaries. Maybe that will be something in the future.


A great presentation in terms of video and audio. The bonus features are somewhat lacking but the audio commentaries more than make up for it. Though I would have liked at least one more commentary track. But another great season of Once Upon A Time and something to get you ready for Season Four!

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