Sunday, October 6, 2013

Snacking In The Parks! Chicken and Waffle Combo!

This weekend comes a menu item I wish they will keep in the parks. One of my favorite combos of chicken and waffles! So, off to the Hungry Bear Restaurant in Critter Country we go! The sign next to the beaver says it all and yes, I am hungry!
Here is the sign letting you know that something new is on the menu!
Check out the thick waffle with the awesome arugula, a nicely fried chicken breast and fries!
Even Lil Oishi is SO excited to eat!
It's time to dig in! The waffles had the great taste of honey! They weren't too sweet but just right! The chicken was moist and had a slight kick to it but it might have been from the sriracha mayonnaise. The sweet and savory combo was just perfect!

I hope they decide to keep this item on the menu!

PROTIP: If there is a food item you really like at The Disneyland Resort pass it along to the manager and also stop by City Hall at Disneyland or the Chamber of Commerce and let them know as well! It can't help to let the right people know that an item like the chicken and waffle combo should be kept on the menu!

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