Monday, August 13, 2012

Review of The Odd Life of Timothy Green!

I have been hoping that Disney would start bringing great live action family films back and this looks to be the start. No over the top special effects here, but a great story about family, that one would expect from Disney.

The story surrounds Jim (Joel Edgerton) and Cindy (Jennifer Gardner) Green, a married couple who discover that they cannot have children. They having been trying for a very long time to no avail. After heartbreak after heartbreak Jim decides they should create a child. If they cannot conceive a child then they will write down everything their child shall be. They write down everything that they can think of and place it in a wooden box. He buries it outside and as they fall asleep for the night, the wind literally begins to blow in a new direction. There is a sudden storm and the rain brings them someone or something very special!
They find Timothy! Or rather Timothy finds them!

Timothy makes everyone around him realize the magic that is around them everyday. It's such a great lesson in life. A theme of this movie that I love is that it is ok to be different!Timothy definitely marches to his own beat! When you see how it all pays off, I bet many of you will be hard pressed to find yourself not teary eyed by the end of this one!
My favorite is Timothy's relationship with Joni (Odeya Rush), a girl a few years older than Timothy but another person who is labeled as different. I actually wished they had spent a little more time on these two and their relationship. 

CJ Adams who plays Timothy is superb! He reminds me of Haley Joel Osment! Just charming and full of confidence! You will fall for him too! Joel and Jennifer are perfect as the Green's! They felt like a real couple! I felt their pain as they found out they would never be able to have a child to their joy when Timothy suddenly appears. The rest of the cast is equally strong. I loved M. Emmet Walsh as Uncle Bub and the great relationship he and Timothy develop. I also loved David Morse who played Jim's estranged father. Odeya Rush is just a beautiful young girl who is making her film debut. She is perfect as the loner that becomes friends with Timothy.

In the end, Timothy effects more than just the lives of his parents. He effects the entire community. Just a wonderful fairy-tale of a movie with a hauntingly beautiful score by Geoff Zanelli.I cannot wait to see it again!

The Odd Life of Timothy Green opens Wednesday August 15th in a theatre near you.

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