Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Review of the Montage Deer Valley!

The fine folks at Hyundai had us stay at the Montage Deer Valley! What an amazing experience this hotel provides!
Here is the gorgeous lobby!
Here is the door to my room!
The first thing you see when you walk into the room!
The large twin sinks in the bathroom!
The incredible bathtub! I think I would have fallen asleep and not woken up!
The large shower!
I love the rain fountain! I could have stood there for hours!
The large bed that was incredibly soft and warm! The massive pillows were extremely soft as well!
Each room has a fireplace and a 42 inch HD TV! Clearly you see how I was "roughing" it for the weekend! Just kidding!
The room comes with a dvd player and also this plug-in unit for a blu-ray player or your iPod/iPhone or laptop!
The view from my balcony!
The Vista Lounge!
Lovely outdoor seating!
The beer is named after the Hotel's mascot Monty (short for Montage). I was sad that I didn't have any time to try to meet Monty. But the beer was amazing! Can someone send me a case or two? Or at least a photo of this lucky dog? LOL!
During the reception we were treated to elk tartar. I honestly would have eaten all of them! They were so good!
Now it was time for dinner! Here is the salad station!
Here I found a true treasure! Beet Mac N Cheese! That's right beet mac n cheese! I am not a mac n cheese fan since I never grew up on it. I'm guessing it was part of the Japanese-American diet lol!
This is another brilliant idea! The mashed potato bar! I want to have one of these for Thanksgiving!
The carving station was next! They have an incredible Coca-Cola BBQ Sauce that they make themselves! Dare I say it is even better than the one they make at Flo's V8 Cafe in Disney California Adventure? It sure is! So besides the beer and the photo of Monty can someone also make sure I get a few gallons of this sauce? Please and thank you!
Next was the buffalo and veal slider bar!
Dessert brought us donuts! I love donuts!
So this is the way to serve mashed potatoes! Smooth and creamy potatoes with mushrooms, grilled onions, chives and bacon! Super classy and a super fun way to eat!
Here is the delicious beet mac n cheese! I could eat this forever!
Here is all the meat from the carving station and that Coca-Cola BBQ Sauce!
They even brought us desserts served as a dessert appetizer. Here are the PB&J cream puff with the Cookies and Cream cream puff! Light and delicious! Maybe donut places can start making these?
Here are the cookies and cream push-pop and the raspberry cream cheese push-pop! Both full of flavor and I could eat these all day as well!
The first two donuts are the lemon poppy donut and the maple bacon donut! The donut dough is far different than any donut I have ever had! These were much lighter and maybe someone can send me a few of these as well!
The next two donuts are the whiskey glazed donut and the chocolate mint donut! Include these as well please!
If that wasn't enough we were then escorted outdoors for the Montage's traditional s'mores evening! They make their own marshmallows and consist of vanilla bean, traditional, caramel, cinnamon and peppermint!
And when I returned to my room after eating like a King, turn down service also brings you freshly made chocolates! Tonight's offering was huckleberry! I somehow managed to find room to eat them all!
This was my good morning wake up call!
For my last night, the chocolate offering was salted chocolate! I could stay here forever just for the chocolates!

The Montage is the finest hotel I have ever stayed at! Their attention to detail is bar none! The friendliness of their staff goes far beyond Disney levels! Yes, surpasses Disney levels! When I went for lunch in Historic Park City, they had a driver take me there. When I was ready to head back, I just needed to tell them where I was out in front of and they picked me up there! Amazing service, incredible food and being out in Mother Nature make this a one of a kind hotel! I'll be lucky to come back again!

*Disclaimer: Hyundai paid for my airfare, my hotel and my food. The views expressed in my review are strictly my own!*

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