Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Visit to Historic Park City!

Since I arrived early on Friday, the folks at Hyundai gave me a a couple of coupons to go and enjoy Historic Park City which is about 3 miles from the Hotel. Our driver to the Montage Deer Valley took us through Main Street and I was immediately hooked! Great historic buildings from this once major silver mining town were now combined with modern styled buildings. So, I went out the hotel door and the staff arranged for a driver to take me into Historic Park City! I shared the ride with fellow blogger Michael Sheehan (HighTechDad) and off we went!
They even have a trolley to take you up and down Main Street.
Here is the coupon for a free lunch! We were both told to try the No Name Saloon since they were one of the oldest establishments in town and were famous for their buffalo burgers! Buffalo is one of my favorite meats since it is so lean and flavorful!
I guess that is the buffalo that we will be eating today!
They had an option to eat upstairs. It was such a great day that we both decided to head up the stairs! Check out the view!
My favorite things are the salon rules!
Taking a long look at the menu here!
Based on HightechDad's suggestion, I got a Cutthroat Ale on draft! Like a stronger NewCastle and it is a local favorite!
I went with the Saloon Burger! Man was it messy but oh so good! Lots of cheese and grilled onions made this a winner! Oh and yes those are housemade chips! Cut thick too!
I love the decor! Remind me to try this now that I'm at home!
After a great lunch it was time to stroll around Main Street while we had a chance!
I love the look of the Post Office!
Taking a look at some of the more modern buildings along the street!
Great photo op here with the bear!
This moose is all dressed up with no place to go!
This bear startled me!
We were also given a coupon to visit the museum! I am a sucker for learning and I'm glad we had time to visit! The museum opened in 2009 and has lots of hands-on experiences as well as multimedia ones!
This is a scale model of what a typical silver mining operation looked like. The surface is way up top and I'm taking the photo of what it would look like from 900 feet below!
Believe it or not this old mining railroad car was actually used to send skiers through the mine to the ski resort! No thanks! Way to scary for me!
Here is the first hands-on exhibit. We got to detonate some dynamite!
The jackhammer was another hands-on exhibit!
The basement level of the museum was once the jail. Here you can flip through this book of wanted posters. The criminals come to life and tell you about their life of crime!
Thankfully the jail toilet was not a hands-on exhibit!
An old telephone switchboard. You can try your hands at being a switchboard operator! Not as easy as it appears!
The old general store! Reminds me of Little House on the Prairie!
A nice tribute to the local theater and then of course the Sundance Film Festival!
Now this is the way to travel to the slopes!

I wish I had more time to explore Historic Park City! There are lots of great restauarnats and shops! I could spend a few days here! I hope to come back soon!

I thank the folks at Hyundai for including this as part of the Social Media Even! I'm even happier for taking advantage of it!

*Disclaimer: My airfare, hotel and meals were all provided by Hyundai. The review is purely my own thoughts and opinions.*

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