Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mad T Party at Disney California Adventure

A nightly dance party created as a last-minute diversion to entertain idle hordes waiting for a wildly popular attraction at Disney California Adventure has turned into an ever-evolving mainstay that might just become an accidental institution.

The new Mad T Party scheduled to debut this summer at the Anaheim theme park replaces ElecTRONica, which replaced Glow Fest, which was designed to give visitors something to do back in the summer of 2010 while waiting hours upon hours to watch the instant hit "World of Color" water show.

ElecTRONica, which served as a movie tie-in for the "Tron: Legacy" sequel beginning in fall 2010, is expected to run through April.

Themed to Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" movie starring Johnny Depp, the Mad T Party promises to combine live music, dancing and cocktails into a psychedelic outdoor rave located in DCA's Hollywood Pictures Backlot.
A live band will perform on a vibrantly colored main stage that will replace the current ElecTRONica DJ booth, which transformed a once-moribund plaza in front of the Monsters Inc. dark ride into a teeming, pulsating, alcohol-infused, all-ages nightclub.
Band members will wear costumes evocative of "Alice in Wonderland" characters -- with a Mad Hatter singer, a Cheshire Cat drummer and a White Rabbit disc jockey.
The House of Cards lounge, replacing ElecTRONica's End of the Line Club, is expected to serve playing-card-themed cocktails amid a royal red and purple nightclub setting evocative of the foul-tempered Queen of Hearts. A small stage in the lounge will feature dancers wearing outfits festooned with hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades. A nearby catering truck will serve Wonderland-themed foods and non-alcoholic beverages.

An interactive video gaming area is expected to replace Flynn's Arcade, a central location in the "Tron" universe re-created in DCA's shuttered Hollywood & Dine restaurant.

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