Monday, January 9, 2012

Disney Fans - looking for a good Action Adventure Book Series about Walt and Disneyland?

I have just finished Book 1 of the Hidden Mickey Series! Think of National Treasure meets Disneyland! Just a brilliant concept of combining fiction with historical fact. It centers around a hidden diary that Walt left behind, that is discovered by two friends. This leads them on a search across the country to places that were dear to Walt. The discoveries that these two friends make will forever change their lives!

I highly recommend it and I was hooked from page one! I cannot wait to read the rest!

Here is the book description from Amazon:

Book Description
Publication Date: September 1, 2009
HIDDEN MICKEY: Sometimes Dead Men DO Tell Tales!

The Hidden Mickey Novel series were the TOP SELLING NOVELS at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books as well as at Disney's D-23 Expo

Hidden Mickey is the first in a series of action-adventure mysteries written with the adult reader in mind (age appropriate 12 and up) that follows the footsteps and genius of Walt Disney; from his humble beginnings to world-wide acceptance of Showman of the Century. However, this novel reveals more than just intimate and subtle references to the man that millions of people around the world enjoy an obsession for.

Adam, Lance and Beth embark on an once-in-a-lifetime adventure that begins with a fortuitous discovery: a long-lost diary penned by the hand of the master himself, Walt Disney. But, the contents of the diary are not just personal inflections or freeform thoughts by Mr. Disney. Instead, the words written include a definitive clue, a clue that initiates a quest designed by the brilliance of Walt Disney to give his uninitiated discoverers insights into his life, his trials and success, and his own quest to enlighten, entertain and enthrall the world.

Hidden Mickey leads our intrepid heroes on their own mouse quest, taking them to places in Walt Disney s history; from his small town of Marceline, Missouri where he spent his youth to Burbank, California home of his first real animation studio. The clues lead the three friends to the islands of Trinidad and Tobago and to the happiest place on earth Disneyland all to find meaning in the subtle to obscure clues which Walt had left decades before. While the clues provide the means in which the three friends discover insights into the mind of the master showman, Disney has also left intimate and priceless treasures from his past with each clue! What treasure will the final clue reveal?

Hidden Mickey will take readers on an E-Ticket ride through Disney's history. However, Adam, Lance and Beth learn about themselves along the adventure, too. They discover how the past and the present can affect love and friendship in ways they would never have guessed. Their relationship is as closely linked to Walt Disney as it is to each other.

Hidden Mickey offers readers a glimpse at many unique and obscure facts and myths about Walt Disney while taking them on a fanciful, what-if journey! As each clue is revealed, the stakes become more intense. Soon, it is not just a quest, but a race against time. And, at the end of the journey, what our friends and reader discover is: Sometimes Dead Men DO Tell Tales!

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