Thursday, January 12, 2012

Beauty and The Beast 3D Media Screening Review

I was invited to a media screening for Beauty and The Beast 3D at The El Capitan in Hollywood the other morning. I was excited to see it for my second time at my favorite theatre!
Beauty and The Beast is already my favorite Disney Feature Animated Film. I remember the first time I saw it in the theatre and it changed my view on Disney Princess movies forever. For the first time I saw a strong, independent woman that knew what she wanted in life. She was smart and beautiful. The animation was rich and vibrant. The music was unforgettable! I was hooked!

Flash forward to 2012 and Beauty and The Beast was back but this time in 3D. The process behind the 3D conversion was so new that at the time it didn't have a name. Now it does and it is a throwback to the old multi-plane camera. The process is known as voluplane camera. Without getting into too much technical detail, the process is stunning and gives a traditionally hand drawn animated film a sense of dimensionality like never before!It was like seeing the movie for the first time! From the opening shot, the entire audience gasped out loud! You knew they were hooked as much as I was!
The short before Beauty and The Beast 3D is Tangled Ever After! One of the best animated shorts I have seen! It follows the wedding of Rapunzel and Flynn! The story is focused on Maximus and Pascal! I loved it and couldn't stop laughing! It's great to see that Pixar's short program has moved over to the Walt Disney Animation Studios as well! With last years Ballad of Nessie and now Tangled Ever After, the Walt Disney Animation Studios not only compete with but I believe surpass those of Pixar's shorts!

I hope you get a chance to see both Tangled Ever After and Beauty and The Beast 3D! I'll be going back to the theatre tomorrow to see it one more time!

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