Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Year in Review: My Top Restaurants

Here we go, my favorite restaurants of 2011!

3. Red Table in Huntington Beach is one of my favorite new restaurants! They have amazing comfort food and beers and wines to go along with it. The ambiance is fantastic! I've already been here twice so that tells you how much I love this place!

2. AnQi in Costa Mesa is my number two pick!My first taste of molecular gastronomy and I am a fan! I want to go back and try their 8 or 10 course meal!

1. My number one pick for 2011 is Il Garage! Everything about this palce blew me away! From the high level of service, to the freshness of the food to the fact that I can walk in the garden that grew some of the produce used in my meal while drinking a glass of wine, it is just a wonderful experience! I cannot wait to go back! I want to go here for my birthday!

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