Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Year In Review: My Top Italian Restaurants!

Here are my picks for my favorite Italian Restaurant discoveries this year:

3. Pieology goes down as my favorite new pizza place of 2011! Quick and cheap and delicious! Plus I get to make it the way that I want! You can't beat that!

2. Itriya Cafe goes down as my second favorite Italian place of 2011! With a huge variety of pasta dishes, you are going to find something yo love! Plus, throw in some Asian Fusion and you have a unique place to eat! Great service and a fun ambiance makes this place a winner!

1. My number one Italian restaurant of 2011 goes to Il Garage! From its amazing service, to it's feel of escapism as Beach Blvd. is literally a hop skip and a jump away, to its fresh pasta to fresh from the garden produce, Il Garage is not only my top Italian Restaurant of 2011 but don't be surpised to see it high on my list of my top restaurants of 2011!

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