Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Looking for some feedback on my giveaways!

Hi everybody! I'm looking for some feedback on my giveaways!

Do you think I am doing enough giveaways?
Do you like the mostly Disney stuff I giveaway?
Do you want me to mix it up and include other things besides Disney items?
What items do you really want to see being given away here?

Feel free to add anything else! It's only going to help me and hopefully help you! Thanks in advance for all the help!


  1. I love your giveaways! Especially the ease of entering them, even if I do not win (yet!)

  2. I think your doing enough, and the prizes are great! Or at least. ( I )love them LOL... And yes! I do absolutely love the Disney stuff!.. A little mix/change up , here and there wouldn't hurt.. Change is ALWAYS nice and refreshing.....and pretty much anything on the giveaway items... It's always nice to be seasonal with giveaways and prizes.. Like for valentines day have a set of movie tix and a free pop corn for a date night or different stuff like that when holidays/and seasons come :).. Hope my feed back helped.. <3

  3. Mix it up, but I must say the Disney stuff is pretty cool! Hope this information is what you are looking for.

  4. this is all great feedback =)

    thank you =)

    but what other things should i use to mix it up? I do like the themed suggestion!