Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Year In Review: My Top Asian Restaurants!

Here are my top Asian Restaurants that I have been to this past year:

3. I love Korean BBQ and my new favorite place to go is Cham Soot Gol. It doesn't get much better than all you can eat plus you cook at your table and hand scooped ice cream at the end of anytime during your meal! They have two locations, one in Garden Grove and one in Buena Park. The Buena Park location has later hours and stays open really late or early on Friday and Saturdays!

2. A Korean pizza and chicken place, that's right a Korean pizza and chicken place is my second favorite Asian place this year! Pizza and Chicken Love Letter has amazing sweet potato pizza and just as amazing fried chicken make this place a winner!

1. My favorite Asian place this year hands down is AnQi!Amazing molecular gastronomy food here! If you are looking for unique food and don't mind paying for it, this is the place for you! I am hoping to be able to make reservations next year for one of their special molecular gastronomy dinners!

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