Friday, October 7, 2011

Review of SodaStream

Hey Sasaki Time fans! It's time for another product review and this time it's from the fine folks at SodaStream! They were kind enough to send me a SodaStream Jet, their best seller, for me to review!

For those of you unfamiliar with SodaStream, let's watch their commercial so you have a better understanding of their product.

 The Jet arrived in this massive box!

After opening up the box, this was everything that was inside!

I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by this product. The Jet worked as promised. It was really easy to use. The Sodamix flavors were not exactly like the comparable brand. Some were fairly close and others were not. But you have control on how the soda turns out which is a great benefit to me. I could increase or decrease the amount of carbonation in each soda. I could also control the flavor of each soda. I found myself adding slightly more syrup to each liter as I enjoy a sweeter taste to my soda. You can even mix soda flavors if you want. You even have the option of adding flavor to your seltzer water if you would like.

And now, off to the flavor reviews! Actually before I begin, I would like to say that I only used cold filtered water before making any of the sodas.

The first thing I made was the ginger ale which was great. Just like any other ginger ale. This one went fast!

The second was the diet lemon-lime which was super sour! I am not a fan of diet sodas anyways but I needed to taste test all the flavors! Next time I will mix it with a regular soda like the ginger ale.

The next flavor up was the cranberry raspberry which was surprisingly great! It's not one of my favorite flavor combinations and turned out to be one of my favorites! The flavors, tart and sweet, were perfectly balanced. I actually made an extra liter and drank it later!

I went with another diet flavor next and it was the diet pink grapefruit. That just sounded like an awful flavor idea but to my surprise it was really good. It almost didn't taste like a diet soda.

Up next was the black currant and pear. I wasn't sure what to make out of this one at first. I added more syrup into the mixture because it was on the watery side. The flavor is hard to describe other than sort of cough syrup taste. Not one of my favorites. 

Next up was the root beer which was excellent. I added a bit more syrup and it was like any other root beer I have had. It was a bit on the watery side but was really popular with my friends and I.

Not being a fan of energy drink's, the energy drink was pretty bad! But my friends that like energy drinks said it was like a slightly watered down version of Red Bull to them and they drank it down!

The cola free wasn't any better. It actually tasted more like a diet cola to me.

The green tea pomegranate peach was interesting. It tasted like two different drinks were combined together. The green tea would be fine on its own and the same with the pomegranate peach.

The cola was just like an RC Cola, so it was great! It went down quickly and we had to make another bottle!

The last one was the orange which was close to a Sunkist. Really good as well!

Wow! That is a lot to cover and I haven't even gotten into the benefits of the product!

  1. Super easy to clean! You just need to hand wash the bottle and the machine just needs a simple wipe down!
  2. The machine requires no electricity so you save money right there! You can set it up anywhere!
  3. There is no longer the need to buy soda. No more carrying those bottles or cases into your home.
  4. Not buying anymore soda means no more waste from soda cans or bottles.
  5. It's earth friendly. Everything is 100% recyclable including the carbonator.
  6. You will save money! The cost between the carbonator and the SodaMix equals roughly about $1.33 per two liter bottle.
So, in the end, while not all the flavors were to my liking, there are more than enough flavors to keep me from buying soda for months! I love the machine and how simple it is to use and I can make my own soda at anytime in the convenience of my own home! Plus, I can experiment and use fruit juices and such to make my own flavors! What a great machine and I hope you try it and see the savings! 

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this review. I received a SodaStream Jet kit for review purposes only. All thought and opinions are 100% my own.

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