Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Muppet-Fan-A-Thon and The Quest for a Bazillion "likes"!

Did you know that The Muppets have a brand new movie coming out next month?

Did you know that to promote their movie, some of The Muppets are trying to get a bazillion "likes" on Facebook? If you go to their page and if they get a bazillion "likes" then we will get to see the movie early at special advanced screenings!

Check out Miss Piggy's, Kermit's and Fozzie's videos to get us to "like" their page!

Here is Miss Piggy's plea:

Here is Kermit's attempt:

And last but not least is Fozzie's attempt:

Now go and "like" the page so we can see The Muppets early! Head to The Muppets Fan-A-Thon and their quest for a bazillion "likes"!

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