Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Disney announces more 3D animated classics to be released in theaters!

Due to the success of The Lion King 3D, it comes to no surprise that Disney has announced four classics to receive the 3D treatment and to be released in theaters.

Beauty and the Beast (Jan. 31, 2012), Finding Nemo (Sept. 14, 2012), Monsters, Inc. (Jan. 18, 2013) and The Little Mermaid (Sept. 13, 2013).

Having already seen Beauty and The Beast 3D a few weeks ago at the historic El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, I can tell you that it is stunning!

Click here for my review:
Beauty and The Beast 3D experience at The El Capitan Theatre

I'm hoping that Finding Nemo will finally see its way to blu-ray late next year as well! Monsters Inc. is being released strategically before the prequel comes out later that same year. And I can only guess that The Little Mermaid will come out on blu-ray in October of 2013 as well.

I want The Incredibles in 3D! What other Disney animated films do you want to see in 3D?

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