Sunday, January 13, 2019

Restaurant Preview: Ballast Point in Downtown Disney Anaheim

I was able to attend a taste and adjust of the brand new Ballast Point Brewery & Kitchen at Downtown Disney Anaheim. This large 4,000 square-foot glass-enclosed bar and restaurant space has seating for 220. There is also a 3,000 square-foot outdoor beer garden with cabana-style seating.

With the official opening set for January 16th, let's take a look at what we were able to eat and drink!

The restaurant is located on the second level and you pass all of these tap handles on the way up the stairs.

This location will not only offer more than 50 styles of Ballast Point's beers across 100 tap lines but also its own exclusive brews. While my friend decided on the Wahoo White, I went with one of their R&D selections that may or may not make it past the R&D phase.

This amazing bowl of "Wahoo" Beer Steamed Mussels was our Plate to Share. This massive order of mussels sits in garlic, ginger, shallots, serrano chili, shishito peppers, Spanish chorizo and a baguette. The mussels were briny and the broth is perfect. We loved using the bread to soak up the broth. They even brought us extra bread!

My friend went with The Ballast Point Burger. The chuck and brisket blend patty is moist and flavorful. The BBQ sauce also really adds to the flavor and takes it to another level. I also loved their fries being nice and crisp!

I went with the California "Kolsch" Steak Burrito. This massive burrito is stuffed with tender Santa Maria style steak, guacamole, fries, pico de gallo, cheddar cheese and wrapped in a flour tortilla. On the side is a smoky housemade salsa that elevated the already great taste burrito!

The meal was amazing and we were both totally full that we didn't make it to dessert! But we did try some more of the beer offerings. We learned that you can ask to have beer combined to add to even more unique flavor combinations! Above we combined the Pumpkin Spice Scottish Ale and the Victory At Sea to create a Smashing Pumpkin and we also combined the Peanut Butter Victory At Sea with the Blackberry Ale to make a version of PB&J! So take a look at their entire beer list and see what flavor combination you can come up with!

To learn more, check out their site at: Ballast Point Anaheim

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  1. i'm not a beer fan but the food looks yummy, especially those mussels and the burger (minus the cheese, please). looking forward to trying this place out. thanks for posting!