Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Review of The 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport!

I had the privilege of test driving the redesigned 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe in Park City, Utah over the weekend with a group of 24 Social Media bloggers from across the country! And what a privilege it was! It was the first SUV I have ever driven and to drive in what can only be described as God's country was truly a blessing! The beautiful winding roads that took me from one gorgeous mile to another, while driving a vehicle that drove effortlessly, quietly and smoothly over these roads was truly a pure delight!
Great selection of beverages for breakfast!
 Fresh fruits, croissants and danishes!
Scrambled eggs, waffles and bacon rounded off the breakfast offerings!
We spent all day in the Santa Fe and the folks at Hyundai had our day well planned out for us!
To start off the morning, we all got to take a look at some of the new technology that makes up the 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe! Above is a look at the AWD system created by Dynamax. It is a continuous and fully active all-wheel drive system. Instead of reacting to situations as they occur, this system consistently monitors driving conditions and anticipates AWD requirements.
The chrome tip dual exhaust!
Taking a look at some of the enhancements on the redesigned 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe.
My favorite thing was this knee air bag. Turns out it was created in a response to the drivers submarining underneath the steering wheel in the case of a collision. This keeps the driver upright and safer in the seat.
The gauges are nice and bright even in direct sunlight!
Bluetooth is a great standard feature to have!
One more look at the spacious drivers seat or cockpit as I like to call it!
Getting some great info from the Hyundai guys!
This is the white Hyundai Santa Fe that Jon Rettinger and I chose. Jon is from TechnoBuffalo and was a great travel companion! I wanted a white vehicle since I knew we were going off-roading at some point on our drive!
We are all ready to go! Water bottles and our trusty navigational book at the ready! Huge props go out to the Hyundai guys who picked the route and had the info laid out to the tenth of a mile! They even had signs with the Hyundai logo on them to let us know we were still on the right course!
Look at the leg room for the folks in the back! Nice and comfortable seating for everyone!
I love the entertainment center! The back lighting held up well even in direct sunlight!
Here is a closer look at the navigation screen and you can really see here how it holds up in direct sunlight!
Below the entertainment center are a couple of 12 volt outlets as well as a USB cable to plug your smartphone into!
The glove box is large and easily accessible!
As you can see I have plenty of leg room in the passenger seat!

The drive was smooth on the road! There seemed to be a bit of lag on the acceleration but other than that there was nothing to complain about! Great handling on the winding roads! A pure joy to drive! The cabin was extremely quiet! The effort made into noise dampening is greatly appreciated!
Take a look at the beautiful fluffy white clouds through the panoramic sunroof!
After a great drive to get further into the mountains, we finally went off the paved highway! Once again great handling on the unpaved road and the cabin remained relatively quiet!
We ended up here! Just a gorgeous place to stop and get some water and fruits!
Then we were back on the road! I love the rear view camera! Every vehicle needs one standard!
Oh I forgot that I took one cheesy photo before hitting the open road again!
 We stopped for lunch at Robert Redford's Sundance Resort! Just gorgeous!
My beautiful salad!
And my delicious brownie with strawberries and banana! The steak sandwich I had was also delicious but the photo didn't make it for some reason!
 We were able to go on a beautifully guided walking tour of the resort!
This is the screening room where the now famous Sundance Film Festival started!
We headed back on the road to our final destination, The Olympic Park.
Seriously? People jump off of that? No way!
As someone deathly afraid of heights, I not only went on the ski lift, but went on the alpine slide and survived!
And I am thankful I survived to make it to our dinner for the evening at RiverHorse, a four star restaurant in Historic Park City.
 A delicious appetizer course came out.
A light and deliciously baby spinach leaves salad.
 I had the macadamia nut crusted halibut for my entree and it was honestly one of the best prepared halibuts I have ever had. It was light and flaky and pure white!
Dessert was this amazing blackberry cobbler. It was warm and fresh out of the oven.
The 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe is a solidly built vehicle. It drives well and had no problem in the mountains or the thin air! The interior is attractive and spacious!

Thank you to the amazing people at Hyundai for this incredible opportunity! Thank you to the staff at the Montage Deer Valley for out-servicing Disney! I never thought that would even be possible! And thank you to my fellow bloggers who were just great to get to know and learn from!

*Disclaimer: My airfare, lodging and meals were all provided by Hyundai. The views expressed in my review are strictly my own.*


  1. Great Review! This sounds like a great car to check out. Thanks!

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